BSU Political Science MA Program Statistics Review Page


The resources on this page are meant to provide you with a solid review of basic statistics. Reviewing this material will help you be more successful in your graduate statistics courses. Additionally, these resources introduce you to a statistics program called Stata, which you will use throughout your graduate career.

We ask that you complete an assessment of your stats knowledge and email it to your professor. This assessment is in a Word document format (as well as .pdf). You can either fill out the document in Word and send it to your professor, or you can print it out, write on it, scan it, and send it to your professor. This assessment is voluntary, but we want to use the opportunity as a refresher to make sure you have base of knowledge before you begin 508. The assessment will have no effect on your grade for 508, but serves as a tool to make sure you are where you need to be for 508 as well as provide the instructor that knowledge as well.

If you can complete the assessment prior to watching the videos, feel free to do so. You can still watch the videos as review (as well as get tips on how to use Stata).

Student Assessment (docx file/pdf file)

If you have any questions or feedback, please email either your POLS 508 instructor or the Graduate Program Coordinator.


There are 7 lectures in this review.

You can find the links to the lectures below. All the lectures are closed captioned, so you can read along if that helps you better understand the material.

You should watch the lectures in order. You can either watch a lecture all at once or watch it in parts. As you watch the lectures, complete the appropriate questions on your assessment.

Each section also includes the PDFs of the lecture slides with each lecture, the datasets used in the lectures, and a t-table, just in case you want to utilize these resources. Additionally, if you would like to purchase Stata for your own computer or laptop, you can buy it here. It is not necessary for you to buy a copy of Stata as it is on the campus computers in the lab and none of the assessment requires you to use Stata.

You should complete this review and email your assessment to your 508 professor by August 19th.

The Seven Parts

  1. Variables, Hypotheses, and Two-Way Graphs
  2. Describing Data
  3. Populations versus Samples, Confidence Intervals, and Difference of Means Tests
  4. Correlation
  5. Introduction to Bivariate Regression, Part I
  6. Bivariate Regression, Part II
  7. Bivariate Regression, Part III


Student Assessment (docx file/pdf file)