Publications and Data

Peer Reviewed Articles

VanDusky-Allen, Julie and Michael Touchton. 2019. “Clientelism by Committee: The Effect of Legislator-Constituent Relationships on Legislative Organization.” Political Research Quarterly.

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  • Data and replication files forthcoming

VanDusky-Allen, Julie. 2017. “Winners, Losers, and Protest Behavior in Parliamentary Systems.” The Social Science Journal 54(1): 30-38.

Allen, Michael, Michael E. Flynn, and Julie VanDusky-Allen. 2017. “Regions of Hierarchy and Security: US Troop Deployments, Spatial Relations, and Defense Burdens.” International Interactions 43(3): 397-423.

Allen, Michael, Michael E. Flynn, and Julie VanDusky-Allen. 2016. “The Localized and Spatial Effects of US Troop Deployments on Host-State Defense Spending.” Foreign Policy Analysis 12(4): 674-694.

VanDusky-Allen, Julie. 2014. “The Conditional Effects of Term Limits on Electoral Activities.” Politics and Policy 42(3): 431-458.

VanDusky-Allen, Julie and William B. Heller. 2013. “Bicameralism and the Logic of Party Organization.” Comparative Political Studies 47(8): 715-742.

Book Chapters

VanDusky-Allen, Julie. 2019. “Industry Regulation.” With Carol Mershon and Olga Shvetsova. In Carol Mershon and Olga Shvetsova, eds., Formal Modeling in Social Science. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

VanDusky-Allen, Julie. 2016. “Democratic Breakdown in V for Vendetta.” In Michael A. Allen and Justin S. Vaughn, eds., Poli Sci Fi, An Introduction to Political Science through Science Fiction. New York: Routledge.

Blog Posts

VanDusky-Allen, Julie. 2018. “Another Contested Election.” The Blue Review.

VanDusky-Allen, Julie. 2016. “Why Can’t People Just Accept it?” The Blue Review.